Experience Serenity with These Secluded Homes in the Greater Melbourne Area

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Experience Serenity with These Secluded Homes in the Greater Melbourne Area

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, with countless cafes, bars, restaurants, and cultural landmarks that attract millions of tourists each year. However, with all the excitement and activity that Melbourne has to offer, sometimes what one desires is peace and quietness.

If you are looking for a tranquil escape from the bustling city, then you can choose from the various secluded homes in the Greater Melbourne Area. These properties provide a peaceful retreat where you can relax, unwind, and connect with nature while enjoying all the modern amenities that one is accustomed to.

Secluded Homes in Eltham

Eltham is a green and leafy suburb in the north-east of Melbourne and is known for its scenic beauty, public parks, and open spaces. This suburban area is ideal for those looking for a peaceful and remote lifestyle while still being well-connected to the city via public transport. The properties in Eltham feature spacious grounds, landscaped gardens, and large swimming pools, making it perfect for family living.

Luxury Mansion in Templestowe

Located in the exclusive suburb of Templestowe, this luxurious mansion is perfect for those who want to escape from city life without compromising on style and opulence. With five expansive bedrooms, six bathrooms, a sparkling pool, and a pool house, this property exudes elegance and class. The mansion is surrounded by greenery and incorporates panoramic views of the Yarra River and the city skyline, ensuring a serene living experience.

Modern Villa in Doncaster

This modern villa is located in the desirable suburb of Doncaster and gives the perfect balance of nature and luxury. Surrounded by lush greenery, the villa features spacious living areas, a sleek gourmet kitchen, and a stunning outdoor area ideal for entertaining guests. The property also has a huge backyard that is ideal for pets and children to play and a large swimming pool for those hot summer days.

Secluded Homes in Olinda

Olinda is a picturesque suburb situated in the Dandenong Ranges and is known for its beautiful gardens, forests, and tranquility. It is an excellent spot for those seeking a secluded escape amid the greenery, hills and the fresh scent of eucalyptus. Olinda is famous for its guesthouses and small hotels, but you can also own a secluded property here.

Hilltop Retreat in Olinda

This stunning hilltop retreat in Olinda features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and expansive living areas. The property includes a large deck, a heated swimming pool, and a picturesque garden that provides breathtaking views of the hills and the valley.

Secluded Home in the Woods

This charming property is located in the heart of the forest and is the ideal spot for nature enthusiasts. The home features a spacious living room, a cozy fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide stunning views of the surrounding woods. The property has a lovely garden and is pet-friendly, making it perfect for those looking for a remote getaway with their furry friends.

Secluded Homes in Flinders

Flinders is a peaceful coastal town located on the Mornington Peninsula, known for its stunning beaches, art galleries and cafes. The properties in Flinders are surprisingly secluded and offer a serene, coastal lifestyle.

Coastal Home in Flinders

This beautiful coastal home is ideal for those looking for a serene oceanfront escape. It features four spacious bedrooms, an open-plan living room, and a large outdoor deck ideal for entertaining guests. The property provides picturesque ocean views and direct access to the beach, ensuring a perfect coastal experience.

Spacious Mansion in Flinders

This stunning mansion boasts six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an expansive living area, perfect for large families. The property includes a huge swimming pool, a large garden, and a tennis court, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Additionally, the mansion is located near Flinders Village and all the facilities it has to offer.

Tips for Buying a Secluded Home in Melbourne

Purchasing a secluded home in Melbourne can be a challenging task, but with the right approach, it can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you buy that perfect secluded property in Melbourne:

Determine your budget

Secluded properties generally cost more than those located in central areas, so it is vital to have a budget in mind. Factor in the cost of renovation or upgrades if required to make an informed decision.

Choose the right location

Melbourne has many secluded properties in different locations, so it is essential to read up and understand each one to make an informed decision. Consider factors such as accessibility, proximity to public amenities, and recreational facilities.

Work with a reputable real estate agency

Partnering with a reputable and experienced real estate agency, such as Ma & Co, can help you access a wide range of secluded properties and get expert assistance to make the right decision.


Can I get a loan for a secluded property?

Yes, you can. But it is important to note that the lending criteria may be different from standard property loans. Work with your bank or a mortgage broker to determine your eligibility and discuss loan options available.

Is there any additional cost associated with owning a secluded property?

Secluded properties generally require additional maintenance costs and property taxes, which are usually higher than properties in central areas. Consider these factors while calculating your total expenditure.

How can I verify the property’s ownership and clearances?

You can obtain complete information about the property by conducting a title search and liaising with the local council. Additionally, you can hire a property lawyer to conduct a thorough legal investigation and ensure a hassle-free purchase.

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