Exploring Melbourne’s Best Beachfront Holiday Homes for an unforgettable Getaway

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Melbourne is a bustling cityscape secluded by tranquil beaches that entice tourists from around the world. With a plethora of appealing sites, bustling attractions, and picture-perfect beach landscapes, it’s no surprise that Melbourne’s beachfront holiday homes remain in high demand. Tourists flock to the city for a fantastic getaway, complete with long walks, picturesque sunsets, and languishing on the beachside. The sun-kissed beaches of Melbourne offer the perfect getaway to escape the city’s frenzy and unwind in the lap of nature.

If you’re looking for the best beachfront holiday homes for your stay in Melbourne, you need not worry; we have got you covered. From jaw-dropping beach views to cozy interiors, Melbourne’s beachfront holiday homes offer just the right mix of comfort and serenity to ensure a memorable stay. Let us take you on a tour of some of the best holiday homes in Melbourne where you can enjoy an unforgettable getaway with your friends and family.

The Best Beachfront Holiday Homes in Melbourne

1. Brighton Beach Abode

Located in a tranquil corner of the coveted Brighton Beach, this deluxe four-bedroom home is the perfect place for you to unwind and take a break from the fast-paced city. The house boasts a fully equipped kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and a spacious dining room, making it perfect for family gatherings. Take a stroll along the picturesque Brighton beach or enjoy a game of tennis in the garden court. This property is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

2. St. Kilda Seaside Escape

Situated in Melbourne’s popular St. Kilda area, this spacious and elegant five-bedroom holiday home is perfect for those who want to enjoy a beachfront getaway in the city’s trendy neighborhoods. An ideal spot for relaxation, the house boasts an outdoor swimming pool, a lush garden, and a barbeque area. The home’s interior is immaculate with a grand patio, great for entertainment, and comfortable bedrooms to rest in after a long day out.

3. Portsea Retreat

Spread over three floors, Portsea Retreat is the epitome of luxury beachfront living. Overlooking the iconic Portsea front beach, this holiday home’s stunning 360-degree views are as breathtaking as its interiors. The house boasts four en-suite bedrooms, an impressive living area, a well-equipped kitchen, a private cinema room, and an underground cellar. With ample space and comfort, this magnificent property is the perfect retreat for family or friends.

4. Sorrento Beach House

If you’re looking to escape the city’s hustle and bustle, the Sorrento Beach House is the perfect beachfront holiday home for you. Surrounded by lush gardens, this charming two-story home has four comfortable bedrooms and polished wooden floors. The home boasts a spacious kitchen, two dining areas, a living area with a fireplace, and a separate family room. Enjoy two grassed yards with an outdoor dining area and a BBQ, perfect for a day out in the sun.

5. Mount Martha Luxury Villa

This stunning Mount Martha luxury villa offers prime beachfront living with its spacious and comfortable living space, great for entertaining friends and family. The four-bedroom villa boasts a state-of-the-art kitchen, private balcony, a heated swimming pool, and spa catering to discerning guests’ needs. It’s the perfect getaway, significantly if you’re looking for a serene environment without giving up luxury.

6. Blairgowrie Coastal Haven

This fantastic open-plan coastal retreat is perfect for families or groups of friends, with a magnificent wrap-around balcony boasting sea views that satisfy even the most discerning beach lovers. The three-story home has six bedrooms and premium furnishings, great for lounging and entertaining guests. The outdoor space is nothing short of breathtaking, located just minutes away from the beautiful Blairgowrie coast front. Unwind in the outdoor pool and spa, perfect for a relaxing dip after a day at the beach.

7. Hampton Beach Villa

This stunning three-story holiday home in Hampton is perfect for families, couples, or business travelers looking for a luxurious accommodation option. Boasting high ceilings, wooden floorboards, and an interior with modern furnishings, this well-appointed villa offers every convenience that a guest would expect, including four bedrooms, two living areas, and a pool with an adjoining dining area.

8. Rye Seaside Retreat

The Rye Seaside Retreat is the perfect retreat for beach lovers who want to enjoy a comfortable and secluded vacation. The property has a full-sized tennis court, a large swimming pool, and six comfortable bedrooms, making it perfect for a group of friends or a family. The home is located near Rye Beach, great for a morning jog on the beach or an afternoon swim.

9. Blairgowrie Beach House

A tasteful fusion of classic and contemporary, the Blairgowrie Beach House offers guests an unforgettable beachfront getaway. The sleek and spacious interiors are dressed in coastal hues, highlighting the surrounding environment’s natural beauty. With six luxurious bedrooms, three stylish living areas, and a beautiful outdoor space, the house offers plenty of space and comfort for a comfortable stay.

10. Mount Eliza Luxe Retreat

The ultimate luxury beachfront vacation home, the Mount Eliza Luxe Retreat, is a testament to fine living. This gorgeous property boasts five opulent bedrooms, three living areas, and an outdoor BBQ area, perfect for entertaining. Take a dip in the indoor heated pool or enjoy the home theatre designed for a cinematic experience. With abundant natural light and breathtaking ocean views, this luxurious holiday home is perfect for anyone looking for a decadent getaway.


Q1. Where are these holiday homes located?

All the holiday homes listed in this article are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Q2. How many people can stay in these holiday homes?

The number of people that can stay in these holiday homes varies, with some of the homes accommodating up to ten guests.

Q3. Can I buy a beachfront holiday home in Melbourne?

Yes, you can buy a beachfront holiday home in Melbourne. Check out this Guide to Buying a House in Melbourne for more information.

Q4. Do these holiday homes have outdoor space?

Most of the beachfront holiday homes listed here have outdoor spaces ranging from BBQ areas, swimming pools, outdoor dining areas and gardens.

Q5. Are these holiday homes family-friendly?

All the beachfront holiday homes listed offer a family-friendly atmosphere, with modern amenities and spacious interiors suitable for lengthy family stays.


As you can see, Melbourne is an excellent spot for beach enthusiasts to unwind and relax. The city boasts some of the best beachfront holiday homes, catering to all tastes and needs. Therefore, make sure you choose the ideal holiday home for your unforgettable adventure and create lifelong memories with your friends and family.

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