Exploring Melbourne’s Best House Clubs: A Nightlife Guide

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Melbourne is a vibrant city that never sleeps, and the lively nightlife scene is a testament to that. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to partying in Melbourne. With a wide variety of genres to choose from, Melbourne’s house music scene caters to everyone’s taste.

If you’re searching for a house music club in Melbourne, you’re in the right place. Melbourne’s vibrant scene offers plenty of options for house music lovers. From rooftop bars with a view to underground venues, we’ve curated the ultimate guide to exploring Melbourne’s best house clubs; are you ready to dance the night away?

The Ultimate Guide to Exploring Melbourne’s Best House Clubs

1. Revolver Upstairs

Revolver Upstairs is Melbourne’s legendary techno club. Located in Prahran, they open every week from Friday to Monday mornings. The layout includes multiple areas to explore, each with a unique vibe. The venue boasts an impressive sound system, with international artists often performing here.

2. Brown Alley

Brown Alley is an intimate and moody club located in Melbourne’s CBD. The club is a subterranean labyrinth of various dance floors, nooks, and niches that offer an intimate experience. With a high-quality sound system, hosting both local and international DJs, Brown Alley has become a go-to club for dance music enthusiasts.

3. OnesixOne

If you’re searching for a club with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, OnesixOne is the perfect choice. The club may be small, located in the inner east of Melbourne, but it punches well above its weight when it comes to dance music. Hosting some of the best deep house and tech-house DJs, OnesixOne has become a favourite amongst locals.

4. New Guernica

New Guernica has become a beloved club in Melbourne, setting it apart with a unique decor and outstanding music. Located underground in the CBD, the club is notorious for its incredible Funktion-One sound system and the resident DJs, who play deep house, techno, and everything in between.

5. Xe54

Xe54 is an outstanding new addition to Melbourne’s house music scene, and it’s already a go-to for techno lovers. The club, located in the inner suburbs, hosts both local and international talent, offering an intimate clubbing experience with world-class sound.

6. Glamorama

Located in Collingwood, Glamorama brings back that 70s and 80s vibe. The club’s decor is a combination of neon lighting and disco-ball aesthetic, providing an alluring ambiance for party-goers with quality house music on the decks.

7. The Night Cat

The Night Cat is a Fitzroy clubbing institution, known for its lively reggae and soul DJ lineups. While the club may be famous for its funk and soul scene, it has recently started incorporating house and techno music in its programming – making it the perfect club for music enthusiasts who like a mix of genres.

8. Circus

Circus is Melbourne’s newest addition to the clubbing scene. With music genres that range from house to techno and minimal, the club attracts an eclectic mix of party-goers. Every weekend, it hosts international DJs, complemented by Circus’s immersive sound and lighting experience.

9. Lounge

Lounge is one of Melbourne’s most versatile venues; during the day, it’s an elegant bar and art gallery, and at night it transforms into a techno haven. With a range of DJs and acts that span across all house music sub-genres, Lounge’s reputation for being one of Melbourne’s best clubs is well-earned.

10. The Sub Club

The Sub Club is an underground sensation, possessing a subterranean location and a steady stream of underground house music. Featuring Funktion-One speakers and regular international headliners, the club accommodates a modest crowd that enveloped in a dimly lit, intimate, and seductive setting.


What is the dress code for Melbourne’s house music clubs?

Most Melbourne house music clubs have a smart casual dress code. However, we recommend checking the club’s website and social media pages for dress code requirements before heading out for your night of partying.

What is the age limit for Melbourne’s house music clubs?

The age restrictions for Melbourne’s house music clubs are usually 18+. Some clubs may specify a different age limit, such as 21+, so make sure to check before purchasing your tickets or showing up at the door.

Are there any house music festivals that happen in Melbourne?

Yes, Melbourne hosts a few house music festivals throughout the year, including the internationally renowned Strawberry Fields and Pitch Music & Arts, to name a couple. Make sure to check in advance for dates, ticketing, and other festival requirements.

Where can I go to buy a house in Melbourne?

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Melbourne is an energising city, and its nightlife scene is a significant part of that. With so many incredible house music clubs, any night out in Melbourne is sure to be unforgettable. No matter what type of house music you’re into, Melbourne has a club that caters to your musical tastes. With this guidebook in hand, you’re ready to explore Melbourne’s best house clubs.

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