Indulge in Luxury: Melbourne’s Most Luxurious Homes with Pools

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Melbourne is one of Australia’s most prestigious cities, offering a perfect mix of culture, entertainment, and luxury. Known for its world-class dining, fashion, and art, Melbourne is a hub for luxury properties. And what makes a luxurious home complete? A marvelous, luxurious pool.

Owning a luxurious pool can be one of the ultimate symbols of prestige, beauty, and sophistication, and fortunately, Melbourne offers an array of opportunities in that regard.

Melbourne’s charming city and its neighboring suburbs boast a selection of luxurious houses with exquisite pool designs. Whether you are in the market for an opulent villa or a contemporary masterpiece, the city has something to offer for all tastes and preferences. From magnificent outdoor entertaining areas to breathtaking waterfront views, explore the most luxurious homes in Melbourne with pools, and get ready to indulge in luxury.

Expansive Waterfront Homes with Pools

There’s nothing more luxurious than a home with a private waterfront, especially when complemented with a stunning pool. Melbourne offers some of the most extravagant waterfront homes that boast grand designs, featuring jaw-dropping views of the ocean, rivers, and lakes.

Modern Masterpieces with Striking Pool Designs

If you’re looking for a contemporary home with a bold and striking pool design, Melbourne won’t disappoint. From infinity pools with seamless edges to glass-walled pool houses, the city’s modern homes boast remarkable pool designs that all at once harmonize with their surroundings and stand out.

Charming Victorian Era Homes with Pools

If you prefer the traditional charm of a historic home, Melbourne has a range of luxury homes with Victorian-era architecture that includes access to a private pool. Featuring elegant detailing, high ceilings, and stunning outdoor space, these properties will transport you back in time while still providing for modern amenities and services.

Homes with Indoor and Outdoor Pools

For the ultimate in luxury and privacy, search for a Melbourne home with indoor and outdoor pools. Whether it’s sunny or raining, you can still indulge and pamper yourself in your private aquatic oasis.

Homes with Unique Pool Features

In addition to traditional pool design, Melbourne’s most luxurious homes feature some unique and impressive pool features. From lap pools that double as reflective ponds to rock structures that mask stunning cave-like grottos, you’ll be amazed and inspired by Melbourne’s pool creativity.

Homes with Expansive Outdoor Entertaining

Nothing beats entertaining family and friends Al Fresco-style in Melbourne’s summer heat. These luxurious homes not only have stunning outdoor pools but extend further to provide a wide selection of outdoor entertaining areas. From outdoor fire pits, dining, and seating areas to outdoor kitchens and bars, luxurious outdoor entertaining facilities are a common standout feature in Melbourne’s high-end homes.

Stunning City Views with Private Pools

Melbourne’s city skyline is breathtaking, and it can be even more mesmerizing when viewed while relaxing by a private pool. For those who crave the city atmosphere, Melbourne provides an array of luxurious homes with pools that boast stunning views of the city, offering the perfect blend of urban and relaxation.

Rooftop Pools with Panoramic Views

For an even more breathtaking experience, Melbourne offers several high-rise luxury apartments with rooftop pools that boast panoramic city views. These rooftop pools are the perfect location for relaxing, catching some rays, and entertaining, all while enjoying the stunning Melbourne skyline.

Luxurious Homes with Resort-Style Pools

Melbourne’s high-end properties offer more than just a beautiful pool, with some featuring resort-style pool designs. Properties that incorporate the feel of a luxurious resort into their design all-encompassing impressive features such as outdoor spas, plunge pools, tropical gardens, pool houses, and more, creating a true paradise retreat.

Homes with Accommodating Pool House Facilities

Incorporating an impressive pool house into your Melbourne luxury home adds practicality and convenience, providing additional outlets for entertainment, relaxation, and accommodation for guests, all while maximizing the overall value of the property. Added comfort and luxury features are often included in pool houses, such as kitchenette facilities, living areas, bars, and even bedroom suites.


What is the average cost for a luxury home with a pool in Melbourne?

A luxury home with a pool in Melbourne may range anywhere from AUD 1 million to AUD 20 million+ depending on the type of property, location, and features included.

How do I find buying a luxury home with a pool in Melbourne?

It’s best to consult with a trusted and professional real estate agent like Mazrealestate Real Estate that specializes in luxury properties in Melbourne. Other resources such as property search engine websites and social media platforms may also provide luxury listings that you can peruse.

Can I finance a luxury home in Melbourne?

Yes, you can finance a luxury home in Melbourne through a conditional Pre-Approval from the bank or if you have the cash for a cash sale deal.

What amenities should I look for in a luxury home with a pool?

Aside from an outdoor pool, look for added amenities such as indoor pools, extravagant outdoor entertaining spaces, resort-style pool designs, unique pool features such as rock formations, and pool houses.

Are there any additional costs associated with owning a luxury home with a pool?

There may be additional costs involved in maintaining and operating a luxury home with a pool, such as regular maintenance fees, chemical treatments and cleaning costs, heating costs, and insurance. You may also have to consider property taxes and other expenses associated with owning a luxury property, such as security and privacy fees.

In Summary

Melbourne’s most luxurious homes boast exceptional pool designs and features that complement their high-end style and prestige. From modern masterpieces to Victorian-influenced designs, expansive waterfront homes to rooftop pools with city views, Melbourne’s high-end properties and accompanying luxury pools make for a true paradise. Ensure to connect with a trusted professional real estate agent like Mazrealestate for the best services when looking for a luxury home with a pool in Melbourne.

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