Living Luxuriously: The Most Expensive Melbourne Houses for Sale

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Melbourne is a beautiful city in Australia that boasts stunning beaches, lush parks, and a vibrant city life. It’s also known for its luxurious lifestyle, and the real estate market reflects this. If you are in the market for a luxurious home in Melbourne, there are numerous options available. From sprawling estates to sleek penthouses, Melbourne has something for everyone.

If you have a substantial budget and are looking for a luxurious home in Melbourne, you will be pleasantly surprised at the options available. Melbourne’s luxury real estate market is thriving, and buyers have a wide range of properties to choose from. These homes are stunningly beautiful, offering breathtaking views of the city, the beach, or the lush greenery that surrounds them.

Sprawling Estates with Stunning Views

If you’re dreaming of a luxurious life in a sprawling estate with stunning views, Melbourne has many options that will capture your heart. These homes offer the ultimate in luxury living, providing ample space for family, guests, and entertainment. Some even come with their private movie theaters, tennis courts, or helicopter pads.

Toorak Mansion: A Dreamy Estate

If you are looking for a luxurious estate, Melbourne’s Toorak Mansion is sure to impress. This stunning mansion is spread over 1,800 square meters and features nine bedrooms. It also has a heated swimming pool, a tennis court, and an outdoor kitchen. The home also comes with a home theater, a billiards room, and a gym. With a price tag of around $40 million, this home is one of the priciest on the market, but it is well worth the cost for the luxurious lifestyle it offers.

Chateau Windy Hill: A French-Inspired Mansion

Another stunning option for those seeking an estate in Melbourne is the Chateau Windy Hill. This French-inspired mansion boasts seven bedrooms, as well as a library, a home theatre, and a gym. The estate also has a wine cellar and tasting room, perfect for entertaining. The outdoor area features a tennis court, a heated pool, and an outdoor kitchen. The Chateau Windy Hill is listed at around $20 million.

Penthouse Living At Its Finest

If you prefer the urban lifestyle, Melbourne also offers some of the most luxurious penthouses in the country, providing stunning views of the city skyline. These homes are often located in the heart of the city, providing easy access to Melbourne’s best restaurants, cafes, and shopping.

Aurora Melbourne Central: Luxurious Living in the Heart of the City

If you’re seeking an ultra-luxurious penthouse in Melbourne’s CBD, Aurora Melbourne Central might be just what you’re looking for. This stunning skyscraper boasts one of the highest penthouses in the city, with breathtaking views of Melbourne’s skyline. The penthouse features floor-to-ceiling windows, Italian marble, and European appliances. The building also has a range of amenities, including a heated pool and a gym. Prices for these luxurious penthouses start at around $10-12 million.

The Melburnian: Iconic Melbourne Living

Another option for luxurious penthouse living in Melbourne is The Melburnian. This iconic building is located in the heart of South Yarra and offers stunning views of Melbourne’s skyline. The penthouses here are spacious and luxurious, with high ceilings and large balconies. Residents also have access to a range of amenities, including a gym and a heated pool. Prices for these penthouses start at around $5-6 million.

Luxury Living on the Beach

If you’re looking for luxury with a beachfront view, Melbourne offers some stunning options for coastal living. These homes offer direct access to some of the best beaches in Australia, providing a lifestyle of relaxation and luxury.

The Sorrento House: Coastal Elegance

The Sorrento House is one of the most luxurious beachfront homes in Melbourne. This elegant home boasts six bedrooms, a home theatre, and an outdoor pool with stunning views. The home also has direct beach access, making it the perfect place to enjoy the coastal lifestyle. The Sorrento House is listed at around $20-25 million.

Brighton Palace: A Beachfront Estate

If you’re looking for a sprawling beachfront estate, Brighton Palace might be what you’re looking for. This stunning home has six bedrooms, a home theatre, and an outdoor pool. It also has direct beach access and stunning views of Port Phillip Bay. The home is listed at around $20-25 million.

FAQs: A Guide for Buying A House in Melbourne

What is an average price of a house in Melbourne?

The average price of a house in Melbourne varies depending on the location and size of the property. In general, you can expect to pay around $1 million for a house in the city, and around $750,000 for a home in the suburbs.

What are the costs associated with buying a house in Melbourne?

When purchasing a home in Melbourne, you will need to consider additional costs such as stamp duty, legal fees, and building inspections. These costs can add up, so it’s important to include them in your budget when determining how much you can afford to spend on a home.

What should I look for when buying a house in Melbourne?

When purchasing a house in Melbourne, it’s important to consider factors such as location, size, and condition of the property. You should also consider the home’s proximity to schools, shops, and public transportation. It’s also essential to have a thorough building inspection done before purchasing a property to ensure there are no hidden issues.

Where can I find more information about buying a house in Melbourne?

If you’re considering purchasing a home in Melbourne or would like more information about the process, check out this Guide to Buying a House in Melbourne. It provides a comprehensive overview of the process and offers tips on how to find the perfect home in this beautiful city.


Melbourne is home to some of the most stunning and luxurious homes in Australia. From sprawling estates with stunning views to sleek penthouses and beachfront properties, there is something for every buyer who desires luxurious and comfortable living. However, buying a home in Melbourne can be a complex process, requiring careful consideration of many factors such as price, location, size, and condition of the property. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the process and work with an experienced real estate agent to ensure that you find the perfect home for your needs and budget.

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