The 10 Best Real Estate Sales in Australia 2022

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Real Estate Sales

After a difficult economic period, the Australian property market is now showing signs of life. In fact, last quarter saw the largest annual increase in home values since 2011. That’s a good thing, as property prices were hit hard by the Australian housing market crash.

But with rising prices, competition from new investors, and a smaller pool of buyers, selling your home can be challenging. Luckily, there are still opportunities out there for real estate agents who are willing to work hard for it.

Here are the 10 best real estate sales in Australia.

Real estate sales is a long-term investment, so it’s always important to compare the advantages of each sale. You can compare the price, the time it took to close, the amount of profit, and the process it took to close. Compare how successful each sale was with how much you learned from it. Then, choose which one is the best fit for you.

Real Estate Sales

Anyone who has been around the real estate game for a while will tell you, that every real estate sale is different. It’s rare to see a real estate sales that’s the same as another. This is because every sale is unique, based on the market, the property, the buyers, and the ways they communicate with one another. But, there are three things or elements in a real estate sale that are the same. Those are deadlines, offers, and paperwork. It’s the responsibility of Realtors to not just know this information but also to use it to their advantage to help them close their acquisitions.

  • Real Estate Agents keep track of dates using calendars. Every deadline is then entered into this calendar so an agent has a visual point of reference with notes and actions they need to attend to on that date. This self-discipline proves very valuable when remembering various upcoming billings due, conversations with sellers present and future, showings, appointments and events. With proper supervision and record-keeping your chances of missing moving targets will be slim. In a real estate transaction there are multiple offers made on the property. This one variable is what creates real estate sales.
  • Offer letters go to the all parties involved, either, sellers and their representation, or other realtors who are assigned to handle offer negotiations. When considering the offer that’s given, one needs to investigate each aspect and seek out ways to improve it from the given box.
  • Paperwork needs to be thoroughly assembled before an offer becomes final. On paper, the offer needs certain information in order for it to go through (easement approval, subarea plans and a few more TBD). This is good pay it forward because when you’re a hiring real estate agent you want your counterpart to take care of things well and research any characteristics of the neighborhoods you are selling homes in.

Two years ago, these 10 sales were the most notable ones. But in 2022, there have been some that have been more successful. So here are the 10 best real estate sales in Australia for the beginning of the year.

1. Sam Macdonald – $10.6 million

Sam Macdonald was an airport developer who had a passion for real estate. He went where other property developers didn’t dare to go: to Cape York in Queensland, where there are some of Australia’s highest property prices.

When he bought a home in Cape York, he set the record for Australia’s most expensive home sale. He sold the home for $10.6 million, and it was on the market for just over a month.

This was one of the highest real estate sales in Australia, and it’s likely that it will be broken again throughout 2022.

2. Perth Mint – $8 million

When the Perth Mint raised the country’s first gold sovereign in 1924, it did so without an auction. Instead, it sold the coin directly to the public.

More than a century later, the Mint was looking to sell its Gold Coast headquarters. Lovers of real estate quickly spotted an opportunity and bought the building for $8 million.

The Mint had to go through a probate process, but it was able to sell the building at a significant profit. Real estate agents are likely to see a lot more people looking for this type of opportunity in 2022.

3. Granville House – $7 million

In Melbourne, one of the most expensive property markets in the world, there are two things that always sell: size and location. This was true of the most expensive property sale in Australia in 2022.

It was a home in the city’s exclusive Point Cook suburb. The home had three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an outdoor swimming pool. It was listed at $7 million.

The home sold for $7 million, making it the most expensive home sale in Australia for the year. The buyer is likely to be a wealthy foreigner since that’s the only type of buyer who can afford Melbourne property prices.

4. Mount Martha – $5.5 million

If you’re looking for a property in Melbourne’s north, there’s one to pick from the list of best real estate sales in Australia. In fact, Mount Martha was on a list of the top 10 best real estate sales in Australia back in 2018.

The home sold for $5.5 million, and that was only the beginning of the story. The home had been listed for a year, and it sold after the owner had put a home on the market in Sydney.

If you want to know what’s going to sell, look at what isn’t selling. That’s what real estate agents do all the time.

5. Admiralty House – $5 million

Admiralty House is one of the best real estate sales in Australia for its location. It’s located in Sydney’s famous harbor. The home is close enough to the water that you can see the skyline from the deck.

But it’s also close enough to the city that you can walk to the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The home had five bedrooms and five bathrooms, plus a pool and spa.

It was listed at $5 million.

It sold for $5 million and the identity of the buyer was never revealed. That’s what happens when you’re looking for someone who doesn’t want to be known.

6. MirimIDA – $4.75 million

If you love the idea of living in a luxury resort, look no further than MirimIDA. The luxury water village is located on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, and it has all the amenities you’d find in a luxury resort: restaurants, spas, gyms, and more.

And the best part? The home is located in the village, so you don’t have to worry about commuting or leaving the resort for work.

The home that sold for $4.75 million was a four-bedroom house with an in-ground pool and spa. It sold after just 15 days on the market, and it was one of the best real estate sales in Australia.

7. Gladstone Hotel – $4 million

The Gladstone Hotel might be an old building, but it was in good condition when it sold at the beginning of the year. A hotel in central Queensland is a rarity, and it was listed at $4 million.

The hotel had 190 rooms and was on the Brisbane River. It had been constructed in 1912 and had been renovated in the past.

The home sold after less than two weeks on the market and was one of the best real estate sales in Australia.

8. The Warehouse – $3.75 million

The Warehouse is an iconic building in Brisbane. It’s located in the city’s CBD, and it’s a popular tourist attraction. And when it comes to real estate, it’s also a popular choice for home buyers.

The Warehouse is located in the city’s CBD, close to all the major tourist sites. It’s a popular choice for homebuyers, too.

It was listed at $3.75 million, and it sold after just three weeks on the market. It was one of the best real estate sales in Australia in 2022.

9. The Interchange – $3.5 million

The Interchange is located in Brisbane’s CBD. It’s a government building, and it’s listed at $3.5 million. The home is located in the heart of Brisbane, and it’s close to the city’s best restaurants and parks.

The Interchange is also close to public transport, which makes it a popular choice for home buyers.

The Interchange sold after just one month on the market, so it was one of the best real estate sales in Australia in 2022.

10. Yink Towers – $3 million

Located in Melbourne’s Southbank area, the Yink Towers are the city’s most expensive apartment buildings. They’re also one of the best real estate sales in Australia.

The Yink Towers are located on the banks of the Yarra River. They have three towers, and they’re listed at $3 million per apartment.

The Yink Towers are just minutes from the Melbourne Convention Centre, Crown Casino, and plenty of restaurants, shopping, and bars.

The Yink Towers are one of the best real estate sales in Australia, and they’re also listed as the best real estate sales in Melbourne.


One thing you should remember about selling your home is that it is a results business.

You can spend all day trying to sell your property, but if no one is interested, it won’t happen. Real estate agents who work hard and find the right sales will make a lot of money.

However, there are a lot of real estate agents out there who are just serving as a conduit for buyers and sellers. They may sell a lot of properties, but most of them will end up sitting on the MLS with no end in sight. What you need is a real estate agent who is working hard to sell your property, who has your best interests in mind, and who will do whatever it takes to get you a deal. You can’t control the market or the buyers out there, but you can work hard to find a real estate agent who will put your needs first.

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