Stay Cool in Style: Melbourne’s Most Stunning Houses with Pools

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melbourne house with pool

Melbourne, the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria, is known for its rich history, cultural diversity, and world-renowned landmarks. It’s a bustling city with a unique atmosphere that reflects its eclectic mix of styles and influences. Melbourne is packed with exciting attractions and some of the most stunning houses in the world.

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to stay cool in style during the hot summer months in Melbourne, you need to invest in a house with a pool. A luxurious pool can provide both a cool escape from the heat and a chic feature that adds value to your property. With so many fantastic homes available in Melbourne, we’ve compiled a list of the most stunning houses with pools. Discover the very best of Melbourne with our Stay Cool in Style guide.

Magnificent Modern Homes

These magnificent homes are the epitome of contemporary architecture. They are sleek, stylish, and boast all of the mod cons. Perfect for families or entertainers, these homes will make every day feel like a holiday.

Spectacular City Views

Enjoy Melbourne’s skyline in complete luxury with these stunning houses that offer incomparable city views. Looking out onto the city never felt so good!

Secluded Retreats

Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life with these secluded homes that offer the ultimate private retreat. Relax in peace and tranquillity surrounded by natural beauty.

Historic Charm with Modern Comforts

These homes are steeped in history, with classic design features, while still offering all the modern comforts of today. With a perfect balance between old and new, these homes are ideal for those who appreciate a bygone era of design.

Beautifully Restored Properties

These homes have been restored to their original glory, with impressive architecture and designs that embrace their historical roots.

Family-Friendly Homes with a Touch of History

These homes have been designed with families in mind, offering all of the modern comforts your family needs while still retaining the charm and character of their historical roots.

Beachfront Beauty

If it’s the beach life you’re after, these stunning homes are perfect for you. You’ll enjoy the ultimate in beachfront luxury living, with sea views and sandy shores right on your doorstep.

Resort-Style Living on the Beach

Feel like you’re on vacation every day with these homes that offer resort-style living on the beach. Relax and unwind in complete serenity.

Seamless Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment

These homes are designed for those who love to entertain guests. Seamlessly move from indoor to outdoor spaces, hosting pool parties that are the talk of the town.


How much does a house with a pool cost in Melbourne?

The price of a house with a pool in Melbourne varies depending on the location, size, and features. You can expect to pay between $1 million and $10 million for a property with a pool.

Are there any additional fees associated with owning a pool in Melbourne?

Yes, there are additional costs associated with owning a pool in Melbourne, such as annual maintenance fees, water bills, and insurance. Some areas may require you to pay a fee for a pool permit, so check with your local council.

What should I consider before buying a house with a pool in Melbourne?

  • Location: Make sure the home is in a desirable location that suits your lifestyle.
  • Size: Consider the size of the property and the pool to ensure it meets your needs.
  • Maintenance: Owning a pool requires regular maintenance, so make sure you’re prepared for the extra work.
  • Safety: Ensure the pool meets all safety requirements and has proper fencing in place.
  • Cost: Be aware of the additional costs associated with owning a pool, including maintenance costs and insurance.

Where can I find houses with pools for sale in Melbourne?

You can find houses with pools in Melbourne by contacting a local real estate agent or searching online property listings. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Buying a House in Melbourne for more information.

To learn more about buying a house in Melbourne, check out our Guide to Buying a House in Melbourne.

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