The Impact of Melbourne’s Rising Median House Prices on Homebuyers

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melbourne median house price

Melbourne’s housing market has been a hot topic lately, with rising median house prices making it difficult for prospective homebuyers to enter the market. As the city’s population continues to grow, demand for housing has far outweighed the supply, resulting in higher prices and more competition.

The median house price in Melbourne is now above $1 million, making it one of the most expensive cities in Australia to buy property. The impact of rising house prices is significant for homebuyers, with many struggling to afford even a small apartment in the city.

The Factors Driving Melbourne’s Rising House Prices

In recent years, Melbourne’s housing prices have been driven by a number of key factors, including:

  • Record low interest rates, making borrowing money more affordable for buyers
  • A shortage of available housing, especially in desirable areas close to the city
  • A growing population, with more people moving to Melbourne for work and lifestyle opportunities
  • Foreign investment, with overseas buyers purchasing many properties in the city

The Impact of Rising House Prices on Homebuyers

The impact of Melbourne’s rising house prices is significant for potential homebuyers, especially those who are first-time buyers or on lower incomes. Some of the effects of rising house prices include:

Reduced Affordability

As house prices continue to rise, affordability becomes a key issue for many homebuyers. Buyers on lower incomes may struggle to find suitable housing within their budgets, and may be priced out of certain areas of the city altogether.

Increased Competition

With more demand for housing than supply, homebuyers are often forced to compete with other buyers for the limited number of properties available. This can result in bidding wars and inflated prices, making it even harder for first-time buyers to enter the market.

Longer Time to Save for a Deposit

Higher house prices mean that homebuyers need to save more money for a deposit, which can take longer and be more challenging. This can be particularly difficult for younger buyers who may be paying off student debt or trying to establish their careers.

Lower Quality Housing

As the cost of housing increases, some buyers may need to sacrifice quality in order to afford a property. This can mean buying in less desirable areas or settling for smaller or older properties that require more maintenance and repair work.

How to Navigate Melbourne’s Housing Market as a Homebuyer

Despite the challenges of rising house prices in Melbourne, there are still options for buyers looking to enter the market. Some strategies to consider include:

Research and Preparation

Doing extensive research can help homebuyers understand the market and be better prepared for the buying process. This might include researching different areas of the city, tracking housing prices, and seeking advice from real estate agents or financial advisors.

Flexibility and Negotiation

Being flexible about location, property type, and other amenities can help homebuyers find properties that fit their budget. Negotiating with sellers or real estate agents can also help buyers secure better deals and reduce costs.

Financial Assistance or Government Programs

Some homebuyers may be eligible for financial assistance, such as first-time buyer grants or low-deposit loans. There are also some government programs that can help buyers enter the market or access affordable housing options.


What is the current median house price in Melbourne?

The current median house price in Melbourne is over $1 million, making it one of the most expensive cities in Australia to buy property.

Is it possible for first-time buyers to enter the market in Melbourne?

Despite the high prices and competition, it is still possible for first-time buyers to enter the market in Melbourne. Some strategies include extensive research, seeking financial assistance or government programs, and being flexible and negotiating with sellers.

Where can I find more information on buying a house in Melbourne?

You can find more information and a guide to buying a house in Melbourne at https://www.mazrealestate.com.au/for-sale-house-in-melbourne/.


Melbourne’s rising house prices have significant implications for homebuyers, especially those on lower incomes or entering the market for the first time. However, with careful research, negotiation, and government assistance, it is still possible for buyers to find affordable and suitable properties in the city.

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