The rise of apartment living and its effect on Melbourne’s housing market

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The real estate market in Melbourne, Australia has been changing rapidly in the past few years. One of the biggest changes is the rise of apartment living. Many people are now choosing to live in apartments, and this shift is having a significant effect on the housing market in the city.

Melbourne is known for its trendy cafes, bustling cultural events and a vibrant city life that attracts people from all over the world. With limited land available in the city, many developers have turned to building high-rise apartment buildings to cater to Melbourne’s growing population. As a result, apartments have become more affordable and accessible for homebuyers in the city. This increase in demand for apartments has influenced the property market in Melbourne in several ways, and it’s essential to understand the effects of this shift on the city’s housing market.

Benefits of Apartment Living in Melbourne

Apartments offer a lifestyle that is different from traditional homeownership. Here are some of the benefits that come with apartment living in Melbourne:

Affordability and Accessibility

Apartments are generally more affordable than houses in Melbourne, making them a popular choice among first-time homebuyers, young professionals and students. Apartments are also more accessible, with many located in the heart of the city, close to cafes, restaurants, and public transportation.

Shared Amenities

Most apartment buildings in Melbourne come equipped with shared amenities like gyms, swimming pools, and outdoor entertainment areas. These amenities are usually maintained by the building’s management, making them easier to manage and maintain than a private home’s amenities.

Low Maintenance

Living in an apartment means you don’t have to worry about maintenance issues like gardening, roof repairs, or window replacement. Most buildings have a dedicated maintenance team to attend to any issues that arise, making apartment living convenient and low-maintenance.

Impact of Apartment Living on Melbourne’s Housing Market

The rise of apartment living in Melbourne has had a significant impact on the city’s housing market. Here are some of the ways it has influenced the Melbourne real estate market:

Increased Supply

The rise in apartment buildings has led to increased supply in the Melbourne housing market. Developers have been quick to capitalise on the demand for apartments, resulting in more apartment buildings being constructed across the city. This increase in supply has provided homebuyers with more options at different price points.

Population Growth and Migration

Melbourne is a popular city for migrants from around the world. The growing number of people living in the city has put a pressure on the housing market. The rise of apartment living has allowed for a higher population density, allowing more people to live in the city while improving the city’s overall livability.

Impact on House Prices

While apartment living has made housing more affordable, it has had an impact on house prices in some areas of Melbourne. The increase in the number of apartments has led to a decrease in demand for houses in some suburbs, resulting in lower house prices in those areas.


Here are some frequently asked questions about apartment living in Melbourne and the city’s housing market:

Q: What are the costs associated with buying an apartment in Melbourne?

A: The cost of buying an apartment in Melbourne varies depending on the location, size and type of apartment. However, generally, apartments are more affordable than houses in the city.

Q: Is it easy to find an apartment in Melbourne?

A: There are many apartments available in Melbourne, and new ones are being built continuously. It is easy to find an apartment that suits your needs and budget.

Q: What is the process of buying an apartment in Melbourne?

A: The process of buying an apartment in Melbourne is similar to buying a house. It involves finding a property, negotiating the price, and organising finance. It’s essential to work with a trusted real estate agent to make the process easier.

Q: Is it a good investment to buy an apartment in Melbourne?

A: Yes, investing in an apartment in Melbourne can be a good investment, especially as the city’s population continues to grow. However, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable real estate agent who can help you navigate the market and find the best investment opportunities.

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