Why Melbourne Houses for Sale in Florida are in High Demand

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melbourne houses for sale florida

Buying a house is a big decision, and it’s essential to do your research before you take the plunge. There are many factors to consider when choosing a location, such as job prospects, schools, and overall quality of life. One popular destination that is gaining more attention lately is Melbourne, Florida. The city has seen a surge in housing demand in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

Melbourne is a beautiful coastal city located in Brevard County, Florida, with a population of approximately 80,000 people. The city offers a vibrant downtown area, diverse cultural attractions, and an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. Its proximity to the beach and other natural wonders such as the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Johns River make it an ideal location for those who love the outdoors.

Top Reasons for High Demand for Melbourne Houses for Sale in Florida

1. Quality of Life

Melbourne offers a high standard of living, with excellent schools, recreational opportunities, and a low crime rate. Residents enjoy a relaxed coastal lifestyle with easy access to outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and excellent medical care.

2. Employment Opportunities

The city of Melbourne is home to several large corporations, including Northrop Grumman, Harris Corporation, and Harris Academy, among others. With a thriving economy and numerous job opportunities across various industries, Melbourne is a popular destination for job seekers looking to relocate to this area.

3. Affordable Housing Market

Compared to other popular destinations such as Miami, Orlando, or New York, Melbourne’s housing market is affordable for the average buyer. Homebuyers can get more bang for their buck in Melbourne, with larger homes on bigger lots for a lower price.

4. Proximity to Beaches

The city’s proximity to the beach is a significant draw for buyers looking to move to Florida. Melbourne Beach is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Space Coast, featuring miles of pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and stunning sunsets.

5. Cultural Attractions

Melbourne is home to several cultural attractions such as the Brevard Zoo, the Foosaner Art Museum, and the Henegar Center for the Arts. Additionally, each year, the city hosts several art festivals, including the Melbourne Art Festival and the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.

6. Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Melbourne offers excellent outdoor recreational opportunities, including golfing, fishing, kayaking, and boating. The city is also home to several parks, including Wickham Park, which boasts hiking and biking trails, campgrounds, and a large lake.

7. Health and Medical Care

The city is home to several renowned medical facilities, including Health First, one of the largest health care systems on the Space Coast. With over 7,000 employees, Health First provides an extensive range of medical and wellness services, including several hospitals and medical centers.

8. Strong Community Spirit

Melbourne’s community spirit is evident in its support of local businesses, events, and charitable organizations. The city has a thriving arts and entertainment scene and is home to numerous galleries, theaters, and music venues.

9. Great Weather Year-Round

Melbourne enjoys sunny weather year-round, with an average of 300 sunny days annually. The city’s subtropical climate makes it an ideal destination for those looking to escape colder climates during the winter months.

10. Excellent Education Opportunities

Melbourne is home to several highly-rated public and private schools, including Florida Institute of Technology and Eastern Florida State College. The city has one of the highest graduation rates in the state, making it an ideal destination for families looking to relocate.


Q: How can I buy a house in Melbourne, Florida?

A: If you’re interested in buying a house in Melbourne, Florida, your first step should be to work with a reputable real estate agent, such as those at Maz Real Estate. You can also check out our Guide to Buying a House in Melbourne for more information on the buying process.

Q: Is Melbourne a safe city to live in?

A: Melbourne has a low crime rate, making it a safe city to live in. However, like any city, it’s essential to take necessary precautions to keep yourself and your property safe.

Q: What is the cost of living in Melbourne, Florida?

A: Melbourne has a cost of living index of 94.1, which is lower than the national average. The lower cost of living makes it an affordable destination for families looking to relocate.

Q: What is the weather like in Melbourne, Florida?

A: Melbourne enjoys a subtropical climate with mild winters and hot summers. The city has an average annual temperature of around 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What are some popular outdoor recreational activities in Melbourne?

A: Melbourne offers excellent recreational opportunities such as golfing, fishing, kayaking, and boating. The city is also home to several parks and nature preserves, including Wickham Park, the Indian River Lagoon, and the St. Johns River.


Melbourne, Florida, has become a popular destination for those looking to live in a vibrant community that offers both a high quality of life and affordable housing. With excellent employment opportunities, outdoor recreational activities, and a thriving arts and cultural scene, Melbourne has something to offer everyone. If you’re interested in buying a house in this growing city, contact Maz Real Estate today to learn more about your options.

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